Project Management/Owners Representation

Project Management/Owners Representation

Landair brings an aggressive, comprehensive and team-oriented approach to project management. As managers, we are assertive in spotting strategic opportunities and in providing to clients effective and determinative protection from risk.

Landair’s role as Project Manager/Owner’s Representative is solely to represent the interests of the Owner while overseeing the efforts of all the other team members and actively managing the various and, at times, conflicting interests of the owner, the architect, the construction manager/trade contracts and other relevant consultants. Landair’s interests are the Owner’s priorities; we focus our attention to strategically fulfilling our client’s goals on-time and within budget.

Pre-Construction services

Typically, we begin with a confirmation of project priorities and strategies. Accomplished by a meeting or through a strategic planning session with key stakeholders, this step uncovers key issues and serves as a valuable tool for consensus going forward.

During the pre-construction phase, we work with clients to establish and coordinate the lines of communication, provide budgeting/cash flow strategy and scheduling, consultant selection and project team coordination, establish financial controls and contract administration; plus provide cost, constructability review and value engineering. We are able to conduct bidding and advise on contract negotiations.

Construction Phase Services

During construction Landair helps to formulate the careful details of successful site mobilization logistics. We manage the contracts and assure the project is correctly documented for auditing and funder/financier compliance. Landair will provide communications management, on-site construction monitoring and payment requisition review. Our services at construction close-out–one of the most important but underemphasized project phases– extend from punch list through testing–and through staff training.